5 February, 2018


At Mercancia we have the experience, know-how and partners that enable us to offer an integrated service that simplifies the action of our client. We can optimize the entire process from the supplier/client to the final destination of the merchandise, whether in import or export.

We look for and offer customized solutions. The objective is to provide consulting services and support to commercial transactions, export and import of goods, with recognized value for our clients and with the guarantee of high standards of efficiency, security and transparency.

EXPORT: It’s an operation involving the output of goods, products and services beyond the borders of origin, which can be done by air, sea, road or rail, being the most direct way of internationalizing the activity of a company.

IMPORT: It is the commercial and fiscal process that consists of bringing a good, which can be a product or service, from abroad to the reference country, and can be done through the same routes as the export. When a company imports something, it must take into account that the import from a community country is different from the import from a country outside the European Union, in particular in terms of taxation.