5 February, 2018


A trading company seeks to streamline and facilitate trading between manufacturing companies and purchasing companies. This way there is the possibility of buying items manufactured by third parties to resell in the market, or else provoke the circulation of various products. These companies’ constitutions are governed by the same legislation used when opening any industrial or commercial company.

Trading companies act as intermediaries between manufacturing companies and purchasing companies, in export or import operations.

After all the products are acquired, all the activities that are part of this operation, besides the risks of international trade, are the responsibility of the trading companies. They promote the entire export process on their own, and are also responsible for the difficulties that may arise, namely those of language, customs, legislation, transportation, forms of payment, among others.



– Food (packaged, canned, cold and frozen); – Construction materials (civil construction, tools and machinery);
– Industrial equipment;
– Bazaar (household products, plastics, cleaning, etc.).